Turinabol is very close in composition and effects on the body to methane. The difference from methane is that the drug has an additional unit in its composition - a chlorine atom. Its effectiveness is much higher than steroid methane.

Athletics athletes were the first to decide on the use of this drug. Over time, it began to be widely used by the security forces.

Turinabol what is it

Turinabol in bodybuilding is the same as methandrostenolone, but it does not contribute to water retention in the body. Buy Turinabol Pills This steroid works slowly. Indicators of strength, weight, muscle relief increase at a slower pace. But the performance is of high quality.

The drug does not undergo aromatization due to the presence of a chlorine atom in the molecule, therefore side effects such as gynecomastia and an increase in water in the body are absent. Turik prevents blood clot formation in the vascular system. The drug is tabletted and taken orally.

How to use

The course of taking turinabol for a beginner is not expensive and the easiest. Its duration is five weeks, during which you need to take one hundred tablets. No recovery period is required. The steroid does not cause side effects even with high doses, which is used by professional athletes.

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